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Steps On How To Use Bitcoin On MMM Nigeria

If you are confused about the term bitcoin, let me briefly explain what this term means.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system which is acceptable worldwide for any online marketing.
Now let’s move straight to today’s business…
Using bitcoin in MMM Nigeria claims to offer 50% of any investment in 30days(1 month) while using the Nigerian currency yields only 30%. Trust Nigerians we must go for the bigger pay.
Here are the simple things to know about  using bitcoin in MMM Nigeria Office:-

1..While registering your account details, click on bitcoin instead of Bank in account type


2. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, don’t be bothered!! Log on to
Using Firefox 4.4 browser.

3.after creating wallet, login to see how your wallet looks like.


4. To credit your wallet click on “Receive”
5. Copy and paste the long code seen, it is as important as your bank account. It is termed bitcoin wallet address.


6.  6. Copy and paste that code to your account details as shown in “1” above.
7.purchase bitcoin from a trusted seller, or preferably Nairafinex

WhatsApp 07065855692 for more details MMM Nigeria and bitcoin.

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