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Step by Step Tutorials on how to Migrate to GhwXclusive

    How to migrate to Ghw Exclusive
  Congratulations to all GHW members, we won the battle. To migrate to the newly launched site, take the following steps:

image posted here few days ago about the launching of Ghwxclusive

    1. Visit this domain
    2. Click on login
    3. Click on create account
    4. Fill the form displayed. Please use the same information for your old account. (it is very important to have a referrer in the new system, if you dont have the email of your referrer, use, he is our team leader)
    5. Submit.
    6. Verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your mail.
    7. login to your account, go to menu and click on migrate.
    8. A vefirication code will be sent to your mail, copy it and paste it in the space provided.
    9. Click on Next, then Next again, until you are done.

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