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Discover New Ways to Send Money to Nigeria

According to Overseas Development Institute (ODI) report, Africans are paying the world’s highest money transfer fees; average 12% in fees to transfer money back to relatives in Nigeria. In addition to the huge fees, your foreign currency gets converted using a poor exchange rates.

You work hard for your money and deserve to get most out of it when you send it to Nigeria by paying less fees and getting best exchange rate. A game changing technology is revolutionizing the way we send money back home to Nigeria. With Bitcoin(a new kind of money that is created based on mathematical proof and held electronically without any central; banks or government authority), you can send money from abroad to your family or friends (beneficiaries) in Nigeria at extremely low fees and better exchange rates than banks and money transfer operators.
Case Study; compare the cost of sending home to Nigeria from US.
1.      Money Transfer Operators
Sending $100 to Nigeria will cost you $112 and your recipient will receive average ₦19,652.82.
2.      Bitcoin
Sending $100 to Nigeria will cost you $101 (Bitcoin exchange fees varies from 0.25% to 1%) and your recipient will receive ₦29,500 (This is based on NairaExexchange rates 2016-02-16). The NairaEx dollar to naira exchange rate is based on the adjusted parallel market rates.
How to send money to Nigeria using Bitcoin
1. First, you need to buy Bitcoins at your location, Bitcoins are digitally traded between users and can be exchanged (purchased or cashed out) into US dollars, Euros, Naira or other fiat currencies.
You can buy bitcoins at the following foreign bitcoin exchangers;
USA –  Coinbase
Canada – Quadrigacx
Europe – Bitstamp
2. After you boughtthe bitcoins, you can create an account at Nairaex.comand covert the Bitcoins into Naira.
·         Verify your account by entering your phone number including country code and upload your ID.
·         Enter your Nigerian bank account in the payment information tab on your profile.
·         Navigate to the dashboard area, select sell bitcoin and enter the amount of bitcoins.
·         The next page will display a bitcoin address where you will send the bitcoins to.
·         Proceed to the foreign bitcoin exchange where you bought the bitcoin (Coinbaseetc) and withdraw the purchased bitcoins to the bitcoin address that you received on
What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin is no different than cash but it exists in a digital form. Sending and receiving bitcoins cost about 2 cents which makes it cheaper for money transfer. Bitcoin’s technology is trusted by major banks, governments and companies. The current supply of bitcoins is worth about $6 Billion.
What is NairaEx?
NairaEx is a Nigerian based bitcoin exchange that allows clients to buy or sell Bitcoins in Nigeria.
Which banks in Nigeria do you transfer money to?
NairaEx can transfer funds to any bank in Nigeria.
How fast can NairaEx transfer money to your Nigeria bank account?
You can expect your funds to arrive within 24 hours.
What other digital currency do you support apart from Bitcoin?
You can use perfect money or contact us for other options.
How much does NairaEx charge to send money to Nigerian bank accounts?
We charge zero fees and have no hidden fees. We make money on the forex market.
Can I send money abroad from Nigeria?
Yes, you just have to buy bitcoin in Nigeria and sell it abroad.
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